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Two of Wolgast Corporation’s staff members achieved unprecedented safety awards for 20 years of personal safety at the company’s Employee Development Meeting focusing on safety on February 19th. Neither Mark Stavely nor Keith LaPratt has had a personal MIOSHA recordable injury or illness in the past 20 years. Stavely has been with the company for 31 years and LaPratt for 25 years. This achievement is based on the records Wolgast keeps for the Michigan Safety and Health Standards, which requires employers to maintain a log of work-related injuries and work-related illnesses that result in death, medical treatment beyond first aid, lost or restricted work days, and loss of consciousness.

With construction being one of the most vulnerable professions to accidents, Wolgast Corporation’s Safety Program has been developed to ensure that every reasonable step is taken to protect the safety of each individual present on any Wolgast job-site. At the Employee Development Meeting in February, President and CEO Brian Stadler announced, “The key reason that we have a Safety Program is to make sure that our employee-owners go home to their families every night.” Wolgast considers the safety and health protection of its employee-owners and the general public to be an integral part of its operations. Furthermore, the success of the safety program is due to Wolgast’s primary goal of eliminating and controlling both known and potential health and safety hazards on every job.

As part of the program, Wolgast’s Health & Safety Director works with the Health & Safety Committee comprised of four employee-owners. The Director and the Committee work together to manage safety training and enforce that safety measures are being implemented on every project site.

At February’s Employee Development Meeting, the Health & Safety Committee also awarded 14 employee-owners for 5 – 9 years of personal safety and 13 employee-owners for 10 - 19 years.