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When choosing a contractor, a business owner should inquire about insurance coverage, bondability, safety records, references, and financial proof that the team can complete the building.

Why Wolgast Is Qualified

When the speed and quality of your construction matters, call on the Employee-Owners of Wolgast Corporation to take action and craft the construction solution your business needs when you need it.

Furthermore, Wolgast is known for fast-track construction, being systemized for efficiency, and a high level of professionalism that we provide to our clients. We take care of everything to do with the building, so the client can focus on their business. The Wolgast Way!

Brief Company History

In 1948, our founder, Gerald H. Wolgast, built this company on two basic foundations; do the job right and do it on time, which is still our core value, today. It represents our ongoing commitment to our industry, to each other, to our clients and to the foundation started by G. H. Wolgast to be the best in everything we do.


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