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Build your building with us to be in business faster... The Wolgast Way!

What Does Wolgast Do Best?

Wolgast is a systemized, employee-owned, Michigan construction company that is expertly versed in commercial and industrial buildings - design through construction. Thus every employee you encounter has a vested interest in the success of your project. We are also an organization based on the merit shop philosophy. As such, we believe contracts should be awarded on the basis of qualification, performance, capability and price. This assures the superior quality, service and value that the Wolgast name has come to represent. As a result, you will have a professional staff on your building team from concept through construction, or any phase that we are involved in your project. These same professionals will be assigned to your project because of their experience with your type of building.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on our speed and record of meeting completion dates. Through our systemization,
we have a plan in place at all times to eliminate the obstacles that can slow down construction. The Wolgast Way!


Our Employee-Owners

We have seasoned Employee-Owners who are skilled at building buildings and are vested in the success of a project going well without rework, change orders, or missed deadlines. Our laborers are mentored into the Wolgast Way to instill our client-focused service. They also have the opportunity to join our Carpentry Apprenticeship program to gain the skills needed to move up the ranks. We have our own architect and partnerships with outside architects who are equally excited about buildings. And a Restoration Division to restore or rebuild a building that has been destroyed by fire, flood, wind, or impact. We all team together to make business owners’ visions come true.


Comprehensive Construction Services

We are captivated by construction so much, we couldn’t stick with just the standard General Construction method we started with 75+ years ago, but had to add more services to be able to work on more construction projects. We’ve had several decades to develop better ways to offer General Construction, Design-Build, Construction Management and Insurance Restoration services and provide a comprehensive medley to best serve each client’s needs.


Systemized for Efficiency

There are over 250 systems documented in our portfolio to help each staff member follow the proven and best way to efficiently deliver every construction project. If we find a better way, we update our system and share it among those who will also apply it to future projects.

We strive to have clean and safe sites not only for our project owners and trade contractors, but also for site visitors and people in the community. Construction is exciting and we want to display it to the many people in a given community that are interested in watching the progress.


Building the Most Qualified Team

We are willing to work with any trade or prime contractors who can provide a responsive bid that will add value for our client’s projects. This helps us find and present the most qualified team for the business owner, so they can feel confident that they’re getting the best price and capable team available to produce their building.


Experience and Options

Furthermore, our past experiences have exposed us to the various ways clients have financed their projects. There are programs, such as SBA 504, to help businesses make improvements to their buildings, and leaseback options, which may make construction possible for some, and local economic development entities that help make projects possible. Also, we’re able to provide information early in the planning phase that will satisfy a bank’s requirements to get financial approvals faster.

We are proud of our Employee-Owners, our equipment, reputation, capabilities and quality, and are thrilled to be part of the process and the force behind making a building come together! Solid foundations... Solid results... the Wolgast Way!

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