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Sharing Your Budget Streamlines the Pre-Construction Phase

When meeting a deadline is critical, here is one secret of the trade to save significant time during pre-construction. Give your contractor a ballpark budget before design and/or they start estimating. A building owner can take a shortcut in the preliminary phase and get to construction sooner when they have collaborated with their contractor on the budget to save time on over designing.

Pardon Our Dust - Under Construction

Four Options to Keep Your Clients Happy During Your Remodel Project

During a commercial remodel, there is more you can do than just posting a good looking “Pardon Our Dust” sign when it comes to your customers and your staff.  We know all too well how it is when you’re trying to run a business, but need to update or reconfigure your working space.  The thought of disrupting business as usual is just too much, and losing out on customer traffic is out of the question.  But never fear, Wolgast has 3 options or solutions to help you get through a remodel with only a little interruption to staff or customers.

What is the Design Build Method of Construction?

Wolgast has been a Design Build Construction Company for almost 40 years and we're curious if it's a well-known term among those who haven’t previously been involved with the construction of a commercial building.  Have you heard the term before?  In a nutshell, it’s a method of construction delivery in which the building owner executes a single contract with one entity to provide architectural/engineering and construction services.

Design Build Services Add a Construction Department to Your Team

When you choose to work with a design-builder, you’re adding a whole construction department to your business team that’s dedicated to completing a turn-key project as if it were their own.  Turn-key in this instance includes initial concept through design, construction, and a 1-year warranty program.   

Using Communication to Get the Most from a Commercial Restoration Loss

As a business owner who owns their building, there may be a time that you have to face damages due to emergencies, fires, floods, natural disasters, or impact. To get the most from an insurance claim involving property restoration, it is best practice to openly communicate and collaborate with both your agent and restoration company. Collectively, you are all the team to see that your goals are achieved.

The Value of LEED© Certification for Medical Offices

Determining If the Cost Will Be Offset by the Benefits

The breakdown of advantages vs. disadvantages for LEED© certifying your medical office is easy – it’s energy cost savings, environmental responsibility, plus marketing position (to name a few) vs. cost. 

Using Marketing 4Ps to Make Your Commercial Site Selection

Along with your logo, promotional materials, and website, your building and location strategy are considered part of your marketing mix and how you reach your target audience. When starting to search for the perfect site for positioning your business, put on your marketing hat and consider how the location will help you to fulfill your product, place, price and promotion. It makes sense that your location and building are part of your branding and marketing, so considering the following could help you with your decision.

How Preconstruction Planning for K-12 Schools Saves Time and Money

School District leaders new to construction projects on their campus may not know all the steps and activities needed before construction can start. We share details of what to expect and who the shareholders should be to make a School District's project(s) happen.

What Every Business Owner Should Know about Design Build Construction

General Construction for a long time was the primary method of delivering construction.  Even Wolgast in the early years was a one-trick pony with General Construction being our only option.  That is, until the 1970’s when we were the first to bring Design-Build to what’s now known as the Great Lakes Bay Region. 

Building Bigger to Benefit from Economies of Scale

A larger building can typically be constructed at a lesser square footage price than a smaller building. The overall price tag may be more, but a bigger building will get better value per square foot than a littler building, based on similar material selection. This information can help an owner plan for their business’ future.

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