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Construction blog discussing trends, tips, and insider information from a commercial contractor specialized in general construction, design/build, construction management, and insurance restoration.

Future of Net Zero Energy Buildings for Michigan Business Owners

We hear about energy efficiency, greenhouse gases, renewable energy, and carbon emissions more frequently these days, but maybe not as popular is Net Zero Energy Building or Net Zero Energy Building Ready. These aren’t new concepts, but with the flurry of attention on energy savings, we wanted to check into the current status for Michigan Commercial Building Owners. Since the Michigan Energy Code (2015) was adopted in 2017 in Michigan, how far are our Commercial Building owners from achieving Net Zero Energy Building Ready?

Protecting Your Investment from Vehicle-into-Building Crashes

Without proper obstruction, motorists accidentally drive their cars into buildings 60 times a day in the US, causing damage and loss to businesses and homeowners.

2022 Construction Tips for Restaurant and Other Commercial Building Owners

The cost and availability of building materials can presently be described as highly unpredictable, so the pre-planning phase has become the key to Restaurant Construction more than ever before! We have strategies to share to get your restaurant or business operating quicker and generate income faster.

5 Tips to Hosting Your Best Ground Breaking Ceremony

Ground breaking ceremonies are an excellent way to start off your building project. With the need for content creation the way that it is these days, a ceremony is a sure-fire way to bring excitement and attention to your future building and business.

What to Know about Lease Hold Improvements for Your Business

Office Remodel (Part II)

As a business owner or manager, you want to make your working space comfortable, attractive and efficient for your work force.  Currently popular in office settings is open daylighting, LED lamps, replaceable carpet squares and work stations with standing options.   If you don’t own your building, you may feel restricted to make these changes until your ownership status changes, but it’s more likely that your landlord will be willing to work with you to make updates and keep you as a tenant.

Leaseback: Get a New Building While Keeping Capital in Your Business


Build to Suit

Achieving a More Efficient Office Remodel

Neil Frank, Wolgast’s Director of Architecture, recently designed the remodel of a client’s medical clinic. They needed to reconfigure their space for several additional exam rooms at their existing location. According to Neil, “floorplans often have wasted space that can be put to better use”. The way a building is used changes overtime, compared to the original plan. He said, in this instance, “The biggest space gains were from reconfiguring their waiting area. This allowed us to expand the number of exam rooms.” Another common area used for freeing up space is the storage areas that were once used for file storage. With electronic filing abilities, not as much room is needed for this use.

How to Expedite the Construction Process

We hear it quite often from business owners, once they decide to build a building, they needed it yesterday.  We understand that once the need for the new building is decided how important it is to get the owner moved in quickly.

Automating Your Restaurant for the Sake of Customer Service

Great customer service for restaurants is changing. Many people I know have been understanding that staff is stretched in the back of house as well as the front of the house, but as the labor shortage continues, how long can existing staff keep meeting the needs of patrons? An answer could be automation or artificial intelligence to make specific tasks quicker and allow staff to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Building Owners Know Your Asbestos & Lead Survey Requirements

When do existing environmental hazards effect building ownership most?

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