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What Every Business Owner Should Know about Design-Build Construction

General Construction for a long time was the primary method of delivering construction.  Even Wolgast in the early years was a one-trick pony with General Construction being our only option.  That is, until the 1970’s when we were the first to bring Design-Build to what’s now known as the Great Lakes Bay Region. 

Building Bigger to Benefit from Economies of Scale

A larger building can typically be constructed at a lesser square footage price than a smaller building. The overall price tag may be more, but a bigger building will get better value per square foot than a littler building, based on similar material selection. This information can help an owner plan for their business’ future.

How to Complete Construction Months Faster

As I’ve gone through the benefits of Design-Build in a recent campaign to inform more business owners about their options, it’s important to discuss the time savings that result from this construction delivery process. We stress the importance of time because we know that the faster construction is completed, the faster you can start generating income in your new space. And Wolgast is your biggest advocate when it comes to speed.

Design and Construction Solutions for Commercial Building Efficiency

Building an efficient and sustainable commercial building can be perceived to be costly and complicated, but it does not have to be. Working with an experienced Design-Build Contractor can save you money and provide guidance for savings from sustainable and long-lasting material investments. Efficiency in commercial building design and construction is not just about completing a project quickly or in investing in expensive materials, it is about delivering value, sustainability, quality, and future adaptability.

A Guide to Keeping Your Healthcare Practice Open during a Remodel

Healthcare practitioners can have a difficult time deciding when to start an occupied office remodel due to the speculation of shutdown inconvenience, operations minimization, or the lessening of their income. These are all legitimate concerns during healthcare construction, but Wolgast can offer several scenarios and strategies to keep your practice going while remodeling your office.

Three Easy Steps to Building a Commercial Building

Any commercial building can be built in three easy steps. Whether it is a healthcare practice, manufacturing facility, office building, auto dealership, or restaurant, or if it is new construction or a remodel, we use the steps or phases of Design-Build construction to break down the commercial construction process most efficiently for our clients. The approach is easier on building owners so they can concentrate on their business instead of construction – we take care of it all from concept to completion.

Warning: Adding on to Your Building May Not Be Possible


What you should know before expanding your commercial business space

Many of our clients begin their business expansion quest by attempting to add on to their existing building rather than moving their operation, and most of the time they’re able to move ahead without any problems.  Expanding their existing space to make more room for additional manpower or machinery could be more affordable than building new or renovating another building.  However, there are times when it’s just not possible to expand where they want or at all.  Below we discuss the possible caveats to consider when expanding and to consider for the future when selecting a site.

Navigating Commercial Building Loan Landscape for Small Business

Navigating Commercial Building Loan Landscape for Small Business

One of the essential components of business growth and sustainability is securing necessary financial resources. For many, this means turning to commercial loans. We checked in with Steve Canole, Senior Vice President of 1st State Bank, to find out the current commercial financing climate and if there are any changes, insight, or guidance our business owner clients should know to secure financing to fuel their growth.

Gaining a Healthcare Junior Partner to Plan Your Succession

Approximately 10 years or more is needed for healthcare practice owners to prepare to retire.1 As doctors become owners of their practice, they may not yet be thinking about retirement, however succession planning should start very early as part of their business plan and then adjusted as time goes on and retirement becomes more than a thought.

Revealing the Past: The Importance of Property Surveys

If you’re looking to purchase a property or building for your business, most financial institutions require you to have a property survey to qualify for their loans. Some owners who use a cash transaction don’t always get a property survey, but if they did, they could prevent many issues by knowing all the details and history about their property.

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