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Annual Meeting Recognitions

We were honored to recognize our staff members accomplishments during our Annual Employee Development Meeting on December 3, 2021. Rich Ramsey has retired after 13 years of service as School Facility Specialist (following his career as School Superintendent).  We had 12 Employee-Owners achieve their 100% Vested status between 2020 and 2021 and we honored them with the traditional Red Vest.  Clint Clark received a cash reward for referring a candidate that we hired as Project Manager and Bob Pratt received the nicest Goodwill sentiment from a client and was awarded with a restaurant gift card.  Lastly, we had three anniversaries to recognize, Pat McNeal for 30 Years, Evan McMahon for 20 Years, and Steve Salyers for 10 Years.  We had so much to celebrate among our amazing staff!  Congratulations to all our honorees!