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Eric SchwartzlySaginaw, MI – Eric Schwartzly, project manager of Wolgast Corporation, has achieved LEED AP BC + D status by passing exams administered by the Green Building Certification Institute this week.


The designation, LEED Associate Professional Building Construction + Design, allows Schwartzly to help clients who want to build a sustainable building or a LEED certified building.  By having a LEED AP on the team, a building owner is able to secure additional points when targeting a building for LEED Certification.  His additional knowledge will help clients to achieve their sustainability goals more efficiently.


Schwartzly has been the project manager for two building owners that wanted to secure LEED Silver.  One has already achieved certification and the other is still pending.  His experience on the project teams led him to pursue this certification.


As LEED gains popularity, Wolgast Corporation and partner company, Barnes-Wolgast Construction Services of Grand Rapids, are assisting more customers with their sustainability projects.  Currently, Wolgast and Barnes-Wolgast have four LEED APs on staff and have completed six LEED certified projects with an additional project pending LEED Silver.