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Wolgast Recognized for Saving Energy Costs for Mich. School Districts

Wolgast has helped its School District clients save money on their energy costs and in turn has achieved cash incentives for those School Districts.  In December, 2013, at the Consumer Trade Ally Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they announced that Wolgast took 3rd place for natural gas annual savings for customers.

Many business owners and school districts are interested in energy efficiency and other means to save money, especially in operating costs.  As a Consumer Energy Business Solution Trade Ally, Wolgast is able to assist owners with high efficiency boilers, water heaters, roof top units, lighting fixtures, plus more, and in turn, complete the Consumers program application forms to maximize the incentives available to a school or business owner.

Recently, Bullock Creek School District received an incentive check from Consumers Energy for $126,360.72 to help offset the money they invested in a new heat-conserving roof, energy-efficient lightbulbs and other energy saving renovations they’ve made to their buildings.

Overall in 2013, Wolgast helped their customers save $158,000 in natural gas costs and $104,000 in electric use savings.  As a construction manager and general contractor we have plans to continue saving customers money and help them to achieve these incentives offered by Consumers Energy.