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Safety and Goodwill Recognized at Employee Development Meeting


At Wolgast's Quarterly Employee Development Meeting, we recognized our staff members for their Safety Achievements.

Field Employee Owners with 5-9 Years of Safety

L-R:  Greg Krueger, Kevin Drake, Justin Heinitz, Greg Tyra


Field Employee-Owners with 10-19 Years of Safety

L-R: Cory Vollmar, Dwight Haag, Chris Kuhl, Jeremy McAllister, Bill Schneider, Greg Daenzer, Matt Shorkey, Kurt Erwin, Rick Morse, Tom Pieske, Mike Garcia

Field Employee-Owners with 20+ Years of Safety


L-R: Mike Clarey, Keith LaPratt, Mark Stavely, Pat McNeal


Also, at the meeting, we recognized staff members for doing such a fantastic job that their customer wrote us a letter to tell us about it.  We call these Goodwill Awards!
L-R: Kelly Kress, Bob Pratt