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What Makes a "Professional" General Contractor?

Professional Contractor
Customer Service is the Key
Most likely, each of you reading this blog has heard of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch of contractors.  Our industry is marred with an unwarranted, but nevertheless, pre-conceived reputation of being unprofessional due to the spoiled few who most likely weren’t qualified to do the job despite their attractive price.  The news of the professional contractors who complete their jobs successfully after they accurately estimated the budget and schedule and saved their customers the hassle of construction lien risks, poor quality, uninsured contractors or extra expense doesn’t spread as vastly. 

Any professional contractor that has a system for pre-construction planning and customer service can be viewed as a hero and we accept that challenge!  After each of our projects is completed, we send a 20-question survey to the owner.  One of the most common comments we receive (hand written) is that Wolgast or its staff members were “very professional”.  Since I just received another of these comments yesterday, I wanted to share details about what characteristics set us apart.

For example, previously I’ve discussed Wolgast’s systemized process to construction and to refresh, it means that we have a proven plan in place to keep construction moving and to quickly react to customer’s needs, which all equals excellent customer service.  Also, many of our 200+ written systems are designed to eliminate the risk for our clients including our requirement of every sub being insured and our methods for collecting sworn statements to name two.

Additionally, after 64 years in the business, we’re able to accurately estimate budget and schedule, so that there are few question marks before, during and after construction.  And if something unforeseen comes up afterward, Wolgast offers a one-year warranty on all our work, so we’ve got you covered.

In closing, many of the horror stories you’ve heard likely started with, “I hired the lowest bidder…”  Qualifying bids and checking references can be a godsend for any construction project.  In the next blog, I’ll discuss how to qualify your bidders so you can rave about how professional your contractor was, too.

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