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Tips for Improving Your Building Investment This Winter

As a business owner or manager, your building is an investment that you’d like to protect from harsh weather; therefore, here are a few tips on how to prepare your building and grounds for cooler temperatures, ice, and snow.


To take care of your lawn during the dormant fall and winter it’s best to start maintenance before the real freeze sets in.  According to Green Thumb Lawn and Turf Specialists of Big Rapids, the top things to do include:

  • Perform core aeration on your lawn to remove thatch from lawns which may have been compacted by foot traffic or other use during the summer.  Doing this promotes deeper root growth for a lush lawn that’s healthy and draught resistant.
  • Applying fertilizer and weed control this time of year strengthens the grass plan as it goes into winter dormancy and weeds are more susceptive to herbicide sprays.
  • Adjust your watering schedule since less will be needed during cooler temperatures.
  • Overseed your lawn if it’s looking thin.  You can do this by applying seed to the already grassy areas of your lawn.  According to, mature plants slow down their production rate.  The new grass plants grow faster.  “The practice of overseeding lawns is the easiest way to keep grass young”.
  • Treat trees for disease prevention in the fall.  Depending on the type of tree, there are a variety of treatments to prevent disease caused by bugs.

Building Maintenance:

Many of the same practices that you use on your home apply to your office or commercial building.  Wolgast Corporation suggests that you do the following to prepare for cooler weather:

  • Clean your gutters before the snow and ice set in to prevent pooling of water when it melts and having it run down to your foundation.
  • Install storm windows if you have them to provide better insulation and lower heat bills.
  • Shut off the valve to your hose bib to prevent it from freezing or breaking and having water run down into your foundation.  On a similar note, make sure that the water is blown out of your irrigation system to prevent damage from the expansion of ice in the lines.
  • Check around your building for cracks and crevices.  If you notice any, take action to seal them to protect your structure.  Also prime and paint any areas on the exterior of your building where wood is exposed.

HVAC System

I also solicited tips from Answer Heating and Cooling of Freeland, MI on the steps you should take to prepare your HVAC System this winter.  They suggested:

  • Change air filters regularly to improve efficiency.  This is important in the winter when the furnace is used consistently.  Along the same lines, check drive belts on your furnace or air handling unit for wear and proper tension to prevent a reduction in airflow or frozen coils.  Then check all wiring for loose and burnt connections.
  • Clear condensate lines from your air conditioner to ensure that nothing is clogged inside to prevent air movement.
  • Clean the burner assembly on your gas furnace.
  • Make sure that air intakes and exhaust vents on the exterior of your building remain unblocked during snow removal to prevent carbon monoxide from occurring inside.

I’m not sure how to exactly describe a “real winter” because they vary in Michigan, but I imagine that there will be lots of snow and ice.  Don’t wait to get your building maintenance in order. 

**FYI – should you have any issues with your building this winter as a result of the weather, Wolgast Restoration is ready to help you with any insurance claim involving your building.  The Wolgast Way.