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Why is Wolgast Thankful?


Counting our blessings this Thanksgiving Holiday Season

First and foremost, our faithful customers—new and those who have repeatedly come back to us for each of their building projects.  We appreciate each and every one of you!!

We are thankful for our community within Saginaw, the Great Lakes Bay Region and Michigan as a whole.  We have been in Saginaw County for over 70 years and have built many of the area businesses that surround us as well as many throughout Michigan.  We couldn’t be more proud to drive around our community and be able to say “built it!”.

For all our employee-owners who are dedicated to making our business and service run efficiently and who also help us achieve excellent customer service.  For those who work in the field, braving the hot heat of summer and the frigid cold of winter to meet deadlines promised, we are very thankful for your service and we are grateful for our staff's professionalism and dedication to being safe, efficient, and meeting deadlines.

We are grateful for the extension of our staff members as their families make their own contributions for us to achieve our success on each project. We know that their support and encouragement help us to complete our work and meet our goals.

Additionally, the network of tradesmen and women we’ve worked with this year who have been right alongside us in the heat and cold.  Thank you for helping us achieve our commitments.

And finally, all of our supporters, boosters, affiliations, organizations, project partners and anything that helps make design, construction, or restoration possible or more efficient, We Are Grateful!