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Using Communication to Get the Most from a Commercial Restoration Loss

Insurance Claim

As a business owner who owns their building, there may be a time that you have to face damages due to emergencies, fires, floods, natural disasters, or impact. To get the most from an insurance claim involving property restoration, it is best practice to openly communicate and collaborate with both your agent and restoration company. Collectively, you are all the team to see that your goals are achieved.

Know Your Policy

Additionally, there is no way around it, you need to know what is included in your insurance plan prior to disaster. Study your policy, ask your agent questions, get it out the first of every month to review it again until you know it without question. This will allow you to be prepared and able to act quickly and confidently among the havoc as it’s happening.

Communicate and Collaborate

Once everyone on your property is safely away from the damage, you’ve documented any losses to your property through pictures, and made temporary efforts to stop further loss, call your insurance agent to start your claim process. They will schedule an adjuster to visit your property to estimate your loss and may recommend a restoration company, if necessary. However, you have the right to choose your own restoration professional, so contact a few to verify credentials, certification, and experience with a proven record of delivering high-quality restoration services you need. Wolgast is certified, experienced, and brings the commercial construction background. We also provide emergency clean-up/board-up, mitigation services, and content restoration.

Develop Transparency

After you select your restoration company, clearly discuss the expectations about timelines, deliverables, and quality standards with both your insurance agent and restoration professional. Define roles and responsibilities upfront to minimize misunderstandings and set up accountability throughout the process. Keep the team updated on any developments or challenges encountered during the process. This transparency fosters trust and keeps everyone aligned towards the common goal of recovery.

Work with your insurer to streamline the claims process and set-up timely payments for restoration services. Understand the claims timeline, provide requested documentation promptly, and follow-up so that payments are processed efficiently.


In conclusion, effective collaboration with your restoration team is essential for navigating the challenges of property damage and ensuring a smooth recovery process. By understanding your insurance policy, communicating openly, and working together toward common goals, a business owner can minimize downtime, mitigate losses, and emerge stronger from the hardship. Remember, collaboration is key to resilience in the face of unexpected challenges.