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Design-Build Services Explained with Examples

Design-Build Construction

Design-Build Construction (DB) is one of the increasingly popular methods of construction. Instead of hiring an Architect to design your building and then finding a separate General Contractor to bid the design, a commercial building owner gets the designer and the contractor as one entity. The Design-Build Company becomes the single-source to take on the full-risk of a construction project.

DB Construction Services are a three phased approach to complete a building. The three phases include preliminary design and budget, final design and estimate, and construction. A building owner will get an early budget estimate to take to their financial team for approval in Phase I with this method. It also includes preconstruction design reviews by the construction team so real-world applications and materials can be considered prior to starting construction. In addition, for the final Phase II budget we do the bidding for the owner by soliciting three or more bidders for each trade to secure healthy, competitive pricing. Typically, construction permits can be pulled earlier than traditional General Construction services, so construction can start earlier, too.

Design-Build Project Examples

DB Project Example #1: Our client had selected his interior design team prior to hiring Wolgast Corporation. He hired Wolgast to design and engineer a luxury, mixed-use building to match the interior designs already underway to continue the high-end aesthetic. Wolgast Architect, Neil Frank, collaborated with the interior designers and our construction team to complete the vision of the Owner. Then our estimator solicited multiple bidders for each trade from around the state and local market through plan rooms and other networks to get competitive bid coverage. We shared the bid results with our client and made choices for the best value of the project. We are currently almost complete with construction of the mixed-use retail and high-end condominium apartments, on-time and within budget.

DB Project Example #2: The Owner of a fast-casual, national restaurant chain was adding a new concept to his portfolio, but the site he already owned was smaller than was needed for their standard minimum square footage. As his Design-Builder, Wolgast collaborated with the client and the corporate design team to create a floorplan that would fit the site and satisfy the standards of the chain restaurant. Wolgast Architect, Neil Frank, designed the space to include all the amenities offered by the restaurant and received necessary approvals by corporate and also our construction team during constructability review. Additionally, the proximity of the site to adjacent businesses and their parking required added approvals from the City. Wolgast collaborated with the Owner and the City to accommodate the needs of both. Wolgast’s estimator solicited the bids for this project using local plan rooms and resources around the state to get excellent bid coverage. The construction team worked to overcome site challenges and complete the work on-time and within budget.

DB Project Example #3: Our client needed more space, quickly They had won a new account to expand their call center services and needed additional space, fast, to accommodate the additional workload. They turned to Wolgast Corporation for our Fast-Track DB Services. Wolgast was able to design, estimate, get permits, order materials, and begin construction many months earlier than if the client had gone the traditional and slower method of Design-Bid-Build. If the client had hired an architect to complete design, then solicited for General Contractors (GCs) to competitively bid, made their GC selection, then started permitting, and ordering materials, they would have easily been two or more months later in starting their project.

Our three phased approach to DB Construction has helped these customers with the flexibility to create the project they need when they needed it. Due to the emphasis on multiple bidders for each trade and the speed to construction, DB is a cost-effective, value trusted, and fast-track approach to construction that also minimizes the risk on the client. Call us today to find out how we can help solve your building challenges.


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