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Pardon Our Dust - Under Construction

Pardon Our Construction

Four Options to Keep Your Clients Happy During Your Remodel Project

During a commercial remodel, there is more you can do than just posting a good looking “Pardon Our Dust” sign when it comes to your customers and your staff.  We know all too well how it is when you’re trying to run a business, but need to update or reconfigure your working space.  The thought of disrupting business as usual is just too much, and losing out on customer traffic is out of the question. But never fear, Wolgast has 4 options or solutions to help you get through a remodel with only a little interruption to staff or customers.

  1. We can schedule your project in phases, so that operations can be temporarily shifted or moved, but you’re still functioning as an office, manufacturer, school, or shop. We’ll help you plan prior to the start of the remodel. This applies to doctor’s offices as much as it does restaurants or schools, mostly all business types. Open communication with your contractor will help minimize stress as you serve your customers.

  2. We’re able to accommodate after hours remodeling in many instances and clean-up for your operational use in the morning. We do this when Phasing just won’t work and it may take a little longer, but it’s an option if needed.

  3. Build next to or around your existing space. It has been more economical for some of our customers to build new rather than renovate, but they didn’t want to lose their current location.  As a Design-Build Construction Company, we were able to configure how to build on their site, right next to their office.  We were able to reuse most of their existing parking lot and help them benefit from cost savings with utilities already onsite.  In many instances, once the team has moved into the new space, the old one can be demolished and cleared in a day or two.

  4. We're able to bring in a temporary trailer to relocate your staff while your establishment is being remodeled.

We have found that there are many understanding consumers, as long as they’re able to safely enter your establishment; they will still come to you while you remodel. For restaurants, many times we can keep your kitchen open as long as possible while working on your dining room, so a drive-thru or take out is still available. Schools luckily have the summer to schedule their work with less interruption to their full staff.  Medical and Dental offices need special accommodations for keeping clean spaces, so we plan ahead to ensure dust doesn’t get where it will cause serious problems.

For staff, we know that demolition, nail guns and electric screw drivers can be loud. We remodeled our own office during a recent winter and know the excitement we felt to see the progress and also having a completion date made most noises tolerable. Additionally, some of the noisy parts were held off until after office hours, so it worked out with little disruption. And if you put out a friendly “Please Pardon Our Construction” sign, you’ll probably get customers excited to come back and see the changes. Additionally, updates on Facebook are good means to reach out, providing a steady flow of messages and content to share.

We’re happy to answer any of your remodeling, or even new build questions, any time! 800-WOLGAST.

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