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Find New/Existing Space That Works for Small or Mid-Size Business in 2022

Things have changed for many businesses over the last two years including where staff completes their work, the need for incentives to maintain or attract employees, distancing measures for staff, and how their products are delivered. These changes may have made your current building too big, too small, or no longer functional for your business.

Maintaining and Attracting Staff through Your Building

In the article, “Covid Changed How We Think of Offices. Now Companies Want Their Spaces to Work as Hard as They Do” published on on 3/10/21, they discuss REI in Kent, WA, who opted to not move into their newly built Headquarter building, but rather chose to use smaller satellite locations due to the changes Covid-19 have presented in work environments. Now REI is more concerned with “what incentives they might require to lure people back <to the office>.” Their goal is to create collaboration opportunities that aren’t easily achieved online. Their new spaces will also have the forethought to be attractive to new employees.

So, if you’re considering a new location, we offer that you should look for lots of natural light, or a building that will offer the possibility of incorporating more windows. Natural light creates a comfortable working environment, which is more enticing for staff, and also helps offset electricity costs.

Also, planning for more staff to come back to the office, you may have to consider somewhat bigger space for social distancing and perhaps more walls than the popular open floor plan. Additionally, automating doors, hand sanitizers, and toilets, or incorporating UV HVAC Systems can add to virus spread protections.

Right Sizing

Whatever your plans are for in office, from home, or hybrid working spaces, having a plan for future needs and number of offices, parking, and supply chain is necessary to identify before settling on a new building. Is your product something that can benefit from having a drive-thru window, or additional parking spots for car side delivery?

Decision Making Guidance

We have been in the business a long time and our Business Development, Preconstruction Manager, Estimators, and Architects have insights to help you uncover your long-term needs and how each building option can fit them. We offer free assessments and can review a property with you and your realtor to make sure you’ve considered all angles from a construction/regulatory standpoint. Also, Wolgast can redesign, remodel, and automate your building. Call us to set up an appointment or to discuss your plans.

Free Construction Assessment