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To Use or Not to Use a Pre-Engineered Metal Building

We have had all kinds of business owners from varying professions ask us about using a pre-engineered metal building when they’re fact finding about new construction for their business.  We tell them a general rule of thumb to consider is that metal buildings are best for businesses that want an industrial look, or have a big enough budget to dress up a pre-engineered building with brick or EIFS (for example) to mask the industrial façade.

What Makes a Contractor an Expert in Medical Construction?

In light of our staff architect, attending the Health Facilities Planning Seminar this month, I thought it was timely to discuss what makes a contractor specialized in medical office construction.  To some people, all buildings with walls, floors and a ceiling are the same and the contractor shouldn’t make a difference when constructing it.  While I believe that it always matters who the contractor is and how professional and customer service oriented they are, obviously, most any contractor can build simple buildings (how much hassle you want to deal with is up to you).  However, a medical building is not a simple building.  The healthcare industry is highly regulated and uses a plethora of specialty equipment or med gases each with its own requirements.  Plus whether you’re dealing with a Patient Centered Medical Home or a surgery or endoscopy center, it’ll be easier to successfully achieve your goal

Succession Planning & Your Building for Medical or Dental Professions

Remember the good old days—a few decades or so ago—when a doctor could practice for 30 – 40 years and then sell his or her practice to another doctor when they were ready to retire, or better yet, have a son or daughter to take over the practice.  Jump forward to present time and it’s not as easy to find someone to take over a medical or dental practice.  The reality is there are far fewer doctors graduating than there are practices out there and doctors should start succession planning well before they’re ready to retire.

Why Convert a House into a Dental Office?


Especially When Commercial Space Is So Efficient

How Wolgast Selects the Best Subcontractors

The science of selecting the best subcontractor (sub) for a construction project is based on finding the right balance of price and value among the entire pool of contractors available.  Looking at price alone is a gamble the purchaser takes with the potential of surprises and unmet expectations.  If you mix the price with good value, you’re likely to get exactly what you expect at the price you were quoted and with the customer service to back it up.


Could a Facility Study Save Your School/Community?

Taking on Today's Challenges to Improve Outdated School Buildings

Facility Study Example

Many Michigan school boards and schools districts are facing the same problem, outdated buildings with fewer students and a community that already feels burdened by taxes.  Asking tax payers to take on a bond to make school improvements seems like it would be a big challenge.  Without the right information and resources, it is a much bigger challenge.

Take Caution When Hiring the Low Bidder


What Can Happen When You Pick the Low Bid?

Part Two about the Professional Contractor

What Makes a "Professional" General Contractor?

Customer Service is the Key

Construction Safety on School Grounds

We’ve all heard that with great power comes great responsibility, but it’s especially true with the power equipment and tools used on school construction sites.  Student safety becomes a big deal as School Districts continue to make updates and renovate their existing/occupied buildings.  It’s a big deal also due to the increase of “strangers” who enter the school grounds to work on a construction project.  This is demonstrated by the increasing efforts of schools to qualify visitors before they’re allowed to enter school buildings.

3 Reasons Why It’s Important for a General Contractor to Be Bondable

Protecting Yourself during Construction

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