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Construction blog discussing trends, tips, and insider information from a commercial contractor specialized in general construction, design/build, construction management, and insurance restoration.

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Why Convert a House into a Dental Office?


Especially When Commercial Space Is So Efficient

How Wolgast Selects the Best Subcontractors

The science of selecting the best subcontractor (sub) for a construction project is based on finding the right balance of price and value among the entire pool of contractors available.  Looking at price alone is a gamble the purchaser takes with the potential of surprises and unmet expectations.  If you mix the price with good value, you’re likely to get exactly what you expect at the price you were quoted and with the customer service to back it up.


Take Caution When Hiring the Low Bidder


What Can Happen When You Pick the Low Bid?

Part Two about the Professional Contractor

What Makes a "Professional" General Contractor?

Customer Service is the Key

Tips for Making an Insurance Claim for Your Commercial Business

I chose to discuss Insurance Claims in this blog because when the time comes, some business owners have never been through the process and may not know what to expect.

More to Franchising from a Construction Stand Point

In the August 2011 edition of the Michigan Restaurateur, there was a question posed in the “Ask the Expert” section regarding preparing a concept for franchising. While we understand that there is limited space in the publication and the question was asked of a qualified lawyer, we feel that there is more to add about franchising from a construction stand point.

Lien Risks with Construction Sub-Contractors


You Risk Paying Twice When Sub-Contractors Don't Pay Their Bills

Liens Can Wreak Havoc on Funding

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